Brooklyn Botanic Garden
New York, New York
Area: 9,690 square feet
Thickness: 6.00-inches, base capillary irrigation

South Philly High + Projexity: A match made in the sky
Roofmeadow leads 6-firm team to win $10,000 design award for soaking up rain and transforming communities!

Infill Philadelphia: Soak It Up! Read our press release; peruse fun photos (feel like you were there!), and celebrate the rain! Enjoy the winning presentation, Leveraging Water + Plants in Zero Lot Sites.

FM approval now available for Roofmeadow green roofs + Sika Sarnafil waterproofing

Sika Sarnafil has secured worldwide FM Approval for its roofing systems built in conjunction with Roofmeadow green roofs — on both steel and concrete roof decks. Visit for the specific FM listings, and read the press release for more details.

EAT UP hits the wall!

Feast your eyes on Lauren Mandel’s EAT UP | Roof-to-Table Photography Exhibition –> Philly | Apr 2–Jun 29 at Good Karma Cafe (928 Pine St.) and Chicago | Aug 20–Sept 15 at Uncommon Ground (1401 W. Devon Ave.) Take a sneak peek!

Roofmeadow employee publishes first book on rooftop food production: EAT UP | the inside scoop on rooftop agriculture

Take a peek at our own Lauren Mandel’s blog and keep an eye out for EAT UP on bookstore shelves this spring!

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