Recruiting Certified Contractors

Profile of the Ideal Roofmeadow-Certified Contractor

We are seeking companies that focus on careful installation and attentive maintenance. More than any other type of landscape, green roofs require on-going observation and prompt professional intervention during the plant establishment phase.

Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors include both small and large firms and union and non-union companies. The ideal Roofmeadow-Certified Contractor exhibits:

  • Familiarity with horticultural requirements of a wide range of perennial and ornamental plants
  • Emphasis on construction rather than maintenance, with dedicated landscape construction crews
  • Expertise in hardscape installation, including pavement, planters, and knee walls
  • Openness to learning Roofmeadow’s means and methods of green roof construction
  • Willingness to accept responsibility for controlling the job site and for the quality of the finished work
  • Aptitude for working on logistically challenging projects on elevated surfaces
  • Commitment to working with Roofmeadow for an extended time period

We require that Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors designate a principal of the firm who will be primary point of contact. This contact will actively follow all green roof projects; participate in learning/training sessions, insure compliance with Roofmeadow guidelines for activities and project reporting, and take initiative to continuously improve the level of competence of his green roof construction crews.

Roofmeadow is Recruiting Now!

Roofmeadow pays close attention to regions and metropolitan areas that enact regulations and policies favoring green roofs for their environmental performance. These regions usually demonstrate significant green roof activity, which we routinely track. To focus our recruiting efforts, we mine our project database and evaluate each region or metropolitan area for green roof activity, important market drivers, and the number of existing Roofmeadow-Certified Contractors servicing the target area. We are currently recruiting in the following areas:

Pacific Northwest Region

Several jurisdictions, including the Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver city governments are committed to innovative stormwater management policies. Roofmeadow is looking landscapes contractors with an interest in capitalizing on the progressive nature of the region, to realize large scale green roof installations. Hanging Gardens LLC, is our independant representative in Washington state.

Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Washington, DC is enacting progressive green infrastructure regulations and has a mature green roof market. Working with PPSI, Inc., the independent representative for this area, Roofmeadow leverages its involvement in local policy development and successful green roof installations, including the Roofmeadow green roofs on the Department of the Interior, Waterfront (401 M Street), DC Housing Authority Regency House, among others.

How do I become a Roofmeadow-Certified Contractor?