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If all green roofs were created equal, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Your building is unique. You have different requirements. Different needs. Different aesthetics. Because even the tiniest variable can affect performance, a one-size-fits-all approach to your green roof, as typically offered by everyone from roofers to landscapers, can result in an under-engineered, over-complicated mess. You want a green roof that will crown your achievement. Here’s what you need to know to avoid trouble down the road.

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Comprehensive warranty protections? Along with our alliance partners, we offer either single-source or split warranties that we coordinate to cover both the waterproofing and the green roof system. Whichever choice, the green roof warranty lasts as long as the waterproofing warranty and includes an unconditional offer to uncover the waterproofing membrane if needed.
Quality assurance program? Beyond our thorough warranties, our Quality Assurance Program includes detailed maintenance programs, FLL-compliant designs, onsite construction oversight, a rigorous fall safety program, materials certification, and construction sequences evaluation, and, of course, waterproofing compatibility confirmation.
Non-proprietary systems tailored for your project? Unlike many of our competitors that use green roofs merely as tools for selling their own proprietary roofing materials, we do not market or distribute any proprietary products. We believe in always using the right stuff for your needs. Remember, a “one size fits all” approach serves the aim of the manufacturer, not you.
Superior leak detection system? We employ time-tested Electric Field Vector Mapping® (EFVM®) technology, which quickly detects pinhole-sized leaks before or after green roof installation. Purchase of special equipment is typically unnecessary; repairs are quick, and roof disturbance is minimal.
Compatibility with most waterproofing systems? Our systems can accommodate both conventional and PMR roof configurations and are compatible with most premium waterproofing systems, including PVC, TPO, modified bituminous, hot applied rubberized asphalt and liquid applied polymer systems. We work closely with our long-standing alliance partners, including Sika Sarnafil, Henry Company and Hyload to recommend the optimal waterproofing profile for every green roof application.
Efficient use of irrigation systems? Most of our green systems are perfectly happy without irrigation. But, when it is required, we offer highly efficient base-level irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the roots. Compared to conventional spray or drip systems, this innovative technique improves plant vitality, reduces water usage and lowers unwanted maintenance costs.
Long-term Guided Evolution program? An attractive roof on day one does not mean a quality installation. A thriving roof five or fifty years from planting is the true mark of quality. Enter our Guided Evolution program, designed to assist your green roof in achieving its full natural beauty and blue-green efficiency.
Modular green roof option? Although not recommended for most green roof projects, modular green roofs sections can be incorporated as circumstances dictate.